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Setup Instructions

  1. Determine which text channel the bot should post notifications and use the *Bind command in that channel.  Use *Bind All if all bot interaction should be restricted to the channel.
  2. Set the default realm and default region for the server using the *Realm and *Region commands.
  3. Begin using any other commands, such as following characters using *Follow or adding keystones to the weekly list using *Keystone. See the instructions on these commands below for further information.


  1. The default command prefix ‘*’ (asterisk) can be changed to a different non-alphanumeric character with the *Prefix command. (The bot will only respond to commands that begin with the prefix or that begin mentioning the bot).
  2. Score notifications can be bound to a separate channel with *Alerts.
  3. Settings can be reviewed with the *Settings command.


Update notification for a followed character (after using *Follow):

Score report for a character (using *Score):

Comparison of two characters (using *Compare):

List of all followed scores (using *Scores):

Keystone list for members for the given week (after using *Keystone and *Keystones):

Keystone affixes for the week (using *Affixes):

Setup Commands


  • Binds the bot to post notifications in this channel.
  • Notes:
    • The bot will respond to commands in any channel unless *Bind All is used, in which case the bot will only respond to commands in the notification channel.
    • Even if *Bind All is used the bot will always respond to *Bind and *Help in any channel.

*Disable <Command>

  • Sets the bot not to respond to the indicated command.
  • Notes:
    • Currently only *Disable Affixes is allowed.
    • The purpose of the being able to disable the *Affixes command is so that users who prefer to use another bot (e.g., Jeeves) will not get two replies from an “Affixes” request.

*Level <Number>

  • Sets the keystone level for the bot to report when scores are displayed.
  • Notes:
    • One the scores display, the bot will display an asterisk next to the name of any followed character who has not completed a keystone this week at the given level.
  • Example: *Level 15

*Prefix <char>

  • Sets the bot to only respond to commands starting with the indicated prefix.
  • Notes:
    • The prefix must be a non-alphanumeric character.
    • The bot will always respond if a command begins by mentioning the bot.
  • Example: *Prefix !
  • Variations: *Set Prefix

*Realm <Realm>

  • Sets the default realm so that realm need not be specified when entering a character name in the future.
  • Note: The region can be set along with the realm using this command.
  • Examples:
    • *Realm Lightbringer
    • *Realm Burning Blade US
  • Variations: *Default Region, *Set Default Region, *Default Server, *Set Default Server

*Region <Region>

  • Sets the default region so that region need not be specified when entering a character name in the future.
  • Note: The region must be one of “US” or “EU”
  • Variations: *Default Region, *Set Default Region


  • Displays the current settings for the bot.


  • Unbinds the bot from all channels.

Following Raider.IO Mythic+ Scores

*Compare <Character 1> and <Character 2>

  • Display a comparison of Raider.IO mythic+ data for the two characters.
  • Notes: realm and region can be specified in order to compare two characters from different realms or regions.
  • Variations: “and” can be replaced by any of the following: “&”, “with”, “w/”, “w”
  • Examples:
    • *Compare Selorim and Celorim
    • *Compare Selorim Lightbringer US w/ Icanttrap Stormrage US

*Follow <Character>

  • Adds the character to the follow list.
  • Note: realm and region can be specified in order to add a character from a realm or region other than the default realm and region.

*Leaderboards <Guild>/<Realm>/<Region>

  • Displays links to the Raider.IO and Blizzard leaderboards for the indicated guild or realm.
  • Note: Guild, realm, and region need to be specified.  The default guild, realm, and region will be used if set.
  • Variation: *Leaderboard*Leaders*Boards*Lb

*Score <Character or Number>

  • Displays current Raider.IO mythic+ data for the character.
  • If *Score <Number> is used, the character will be selected from the *Scores list.
  • Note: realm and region can be specified in order to add a character from a realm or region other than the default realm and region.
  • Variation: *List Score <Character>
  • Example:
    • *Score Selorim
    • *Score Icanttrap Stormrage US
    • *Score 6
      • Note this displays the score for the character in the 6th position on the *Scores list.
      • This can be used as shorthand in case a character’s name is difficult to type due to special characters.


  • Displays a list of raider.IO mythic+ current scores for all followed characters:
    • By default the list is sorted by score from highest to lowest.  Characters who do not have a 15+ logged for the week by Raider.IO are marked with a “*”.
    • *Scores Alphabetically (and various shorthand versions) sorts the list alphabetically.
    • *Scores Full gives both of the above lists, plus a separate list of characters without a recorded 15+ for the week.
  • Variations: *List All Scores, *Display All Scores, *List All, *Display All, *List Scores, *Display Scores, *Score by Alphabet, *Scores Alpha, etc.

*Unfollow <Character>

  • Removes the character from the follow list.

Following Weekly Keystone Data


  • Displays the full schedule of weekly mythic+ affixes and indicates the current week’s affixes.
  • Variations: *List Affixes, *Display Affixes, *Affix

*Keystone <Dungeon> <Level> <Character>

  • Adds the indicated keystone to a list.
  • Notes:
    • Realm and region should not be specified for this command.
    • Common shorthand abbreviations can be used for dungeon names.
    • The list is cleared every week when affixes change and keystones are reset.
  • Variations:
    • *Key, *KS, *Stone
    • *Set followed by any of the above
  • Examples:
    • *Keystone EOA 15 Selorim
    • *Set KS lower 16 Selorim


  • Lists all the keystones added for the server for the given week.
  • Variations:
    • *Keys, *Stones
    • *List, *Display, *List All, *Display All followed by any of the above

*Unset <Character>

  • Removes the character’s keystones from the list.
  • Variations:
    • *Unset can be followed optionally by any of: Keystone, Key, KS, Stone

*Unset All

  • Removes all keystones from the list.
  • Variations:
    • *Unset All can be followed optionally by any of: Keystones, Keys, Stones


*Token <Region>

  • Displays the current WoW token price from the auction house for the indicated region (US or EU).
  • Examples:
    • *Token
    • *Token US